Martin Becker holds an MSc in physics from Nottingham University. He worked as a consultant in Germany and the US for McKinsey, GIZ, and World Bank, among others. He also has a strong interest in energy issues.

Viasto developed an innovative and award-winning software to facilitate the recruiting process for companies worldwide. The “interview suite” helps identify top talent early, efficiently and reliably. Customers include global players such as Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft and Bertelsmann.

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?
Martin: I think it is great that you are able to make a positive impact and that you can actually change something.

How do you generate new ideas?
M: I don’t really generate them, new ideas seem to be coming by themselves – actually whenever I talk to people or read interesting blogs, books or articles, often there is something that inspires me or get’s me thinking. Then I am asking myself how I can use this newly gained information to improve something. And that’s how new ideas usually come up.

How do you define success?
M: For me, I guess success is defined as to make a sustainable, positive impact in my industry. In five to ten years, I want HR directors worldwide to recognise viasto as the leading provider of video interviewing technology.

What have been some of your failures and what have you learned from them?
M: Let me give you one example. When I was 18, I was taking part in the German championship in cycling. There was a real chance to become German champion and even qualify for world championships. But shortly before the race, I accidentally picked up the wrong equipment which ultimately prevented me from completing the race successfully. It was a horrible experience and of course I’ve never wanted to be in similar situation again. This episode really taught me to never forget paying attention to the important details, even in stressful situations.

What super power do you dream of having?
M: Oh, time travel would be cool! I am actually fascinated by some historical time periods but I am also really curious about how things work out in the future – be it politics, economics, technology or societal – so I’d love to be able to travel back and forth in time.

08:30 am | Good morning, viasto!


Today, I am visiting Martin Becker, founder of viasto to get an impression of his everyday life and of course to look behind the curtain for you. First thing in the morning, of course, a nice cup of coffee! 🙂

10 am | Video interviews


viasto has developed an innovative software to facilitate the recruiting process for companies. Now it’s time to check out the latest video-applications for Martin’s own company viasto!

12:30 pm | Lunchtime


The office is located in the centre of Berlin-Kreuzberg, in a highly dynamic district with a very good infrastructure – and of course there are many nice places for lunch. 🙂

2 pm | Sales meeting


Viasto’s spacious office features a conference room where we get together with Sara and Cornelia to plan an upcoming marketing event.

4 pm | Calls


In the afternoon, Martin has several calls with clients and potential customers. viasto’s customer include global players such as Deutsche Telekom,Bertelsmann and Fujitsu.

6 pm | Office policy


Thanks for having me, dear viasto team! 🙂