Jan Homann studied corporate management and economics at Zeppelin University before co-founding his companies stilanzeigen (2012) and blogfoster (2013). He is responsible for business development and finance while his co-founder Simon Staib is in charge of product and publishers.

Blogfoster aims to simplify advertising for blogs by providing an online store that works at the intersection of bloggers and advertisers. It enables bloggers to choose the most relevant commercial for their website from a preselected pool of advertisements within seconds – and without any technical hurdles.

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?
Jan: As an entrepreneur, you work many hours and you are basically always on duty, every day, every hour. The main difference it makes is that you dedicate your energy and time to your own thing. And the best moment is when you realize that your team starts seeing it the same way, when you feel that they believe in the company as much as you do.

How do you generate new ideas?
Simon: We listen carefully. We talk to bloggers and to advertisers because we are eager to understand their needs and expectations on us. Our goal is to make it happen and to design the best solution for them.

How do you define success?
Jan: To me, success is achieving my goals. For such a young company like blogfoster, it is difficult to measure its success with numbers. On later stage when the business grows, Key Performance Indicators are crucial to the evaluation process; by now we focus on high execution.

What have been some of your failures and what have you learned from them?
Simon: It is important to dedicate enough time to HR, it is crucial to success to build the right team to make your vision come true.

What super power do you dream of having?
Jan: I would really like to be able to freeze time to gain more hours every day. I’d make the time stand still, work for ten hours and then turn it on again, leaving me enough time for all important things in life.

09:30 am | Progress–Plan–Pain


Every Wednesday kicks off with a team meeting with a focus on every team members’ tasks including a summary and outlook for the upcoming days.

11 am | Working hard


Through its technology, blogfoster matches bloggers and advertisers. At the moment blogfoster is in the currated beta phase. That means waiting bloggers are let in step by step & topic by topic. Advertisers can already bring their brands or products up on more 1.000 handselected blogs via blogfoster.com.

12:30 pm | Human Resources


Jan selects suitable candidates for job interviews – blogfoster is growing!

2 pm | Quick lunch in the meeting room


blogfoster is located in a nice area in Berlin with plenty of restaurants, sharing a bright office with another company. Since the team has grown remarkably in the last months, they will move to a bigger office located in the centre of Berlin by next month.

2:45 pm | Interface work


blogfoster co-founder and Head of Product Simon discusses the newest feature: the blogfoster collage with the Frontend Engineer John.

6 pm | Sales meeting


blogfoster is nominated for the E-Publishing Award. Here, Simon and Jan are reviewing the concept for that.