Kevin Kuhn is the co-founder of Ecotoiletten. He is currently pursuing an MSc in environmental and resource management in Denmark. After spending two months in India, the Ecotoiletten team decided to support sustainable sanitation projects in Pune, India by founding the NGO Non-Water-Sanitation e.V.

Ecotoiletten specialises in sustainable mobile toilets for outdoor events, building sites and parking lots. Their sanitation solutions avoid chemical substances and water consumption by employing a special compost. Good to know: the toilets are odourless!

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?
Kevin: It is amazing to have the freedom to focus on the ideas you really want to work on and to control your own time schedule. For example, I prefer to work according to my individual attention spans in the morning hours and in the evening.

How do you generate new ideas?
K: Mostly by being active. While working on your startup, you immediately realize all the chances and challenges that lie within the project. Apart from this, I get a lot of inspiration by reading books and having conversations with other entrepreneurs and inspiring people.

How do you define success?
K: Within the team, it is important for us to enjoy the work and to keep on learning and developing our business. From an external perspective, sucess is measured by market reach and our ability to satisfy customers.

What have been some of your failures and what have you learned from them?
K: Once we rented out some toilets for a small festival and the organizers did not book any of our additional services like maintenance staff. I only delivered the toilets but I forgot to tell the organizers that they needed to change the full barrels in the toilets, for me it was obvious. The result was a total mess and it took me an hour of cleaning. Lesson learnt: it is crucial to carefully explain the whole concept and demonstrate how to maintain the toilets to the clients. After that incident we improved our communication strategy and did not encounter this problem again.

What super power do you dream of having?
K: To turn shit into gold.

9 am | Ecological and odourless toilets


Ecotoiletten builds and rents out eco-friendly mobile toilets. They consist of several wooden parts that are easily transported and assembled onsite. Today, I am gonna accompany Ecotoiletten co-founder Kevin Kuhn, looking forward to learn more about the company!

9:30 am | Warehouse


There are orders from several clients today and the ecotoiletten team has split up to tackle all customers requests. Kevin and I meet at their warehouse to pick up and deliver one of the toilets to a customer south of Berlin.

11 am | First delivery


We arrive at the location: the client has rented toilet for his upcoming baby shower in the evening. It takes approximately ten minutes to build up the toilet. Instead of water and chemicals, the Ecotoiletten team uses chipped wood for their sustainable compost toilets.

12 pm | Back on the road


We head back to the warehouse to collect all remaining toilets plus equipment for the next delivery. On our way, we spend quite some time in the car, traffic is heavy!

2 pm | Next stop: street festival


We meet Kevin’s co-founder Sven Riesbeck at the location. A big street festival will take place this weekend and ecotoiletten provides all visitors with its odourless and comfortable sanitary facilities.

4 pm | Ready to go!


The other team members have already set up some of the toilets.  We are off again to pick up more toilets at the next location!