Sven Engelmann graduated in business administration in 2009. He started OMQ during his studies with Matthias Meisdrock and supported by the “Exist” scholarship. He has been a supervisory board member of APE Software AG since 2013.

OMQ develops intelligent software to make customer service more efficient by reducing customer requests and minimising the time needed to find appropriate answers to these requests. Process times and request volume can be reduced between 33% and 80%.

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?
Sven: I love managing our business to guarantee a smooth implementation of strategical ideas and concepts.

How do you generate new ideas?
S: Talking to our clients and understanding their needs is a key to success. We take it from there to find a global appoach offering the best solutions to the clients‘ problems.

How do you define success?
S: Well, there are different kinds of success. For example, we feel successful when our clients are satisfied with our products. Furthermore, it is great to see the interest of potential clients arising during our product presentations.
As an entrepreneur it is also a great success to operate and to take strategic decisions independently from other people.

What have been some of your failures and what have you learned from them?
S: At one point we invested too much time and effort in a product that was not competitive and we already knew about it. It was just very hard to abandon the product idea, especially for me. I learned that as an entrepreneur you have to let go sometimes and start fresh – just go on and find a new and better approach!

What super power do you dream of having?
S: It would be great to stop the time to be eventually able to implement more projects for more clients. Also, I’d like to have an X-ray type view to see through things.

9:30 am | Stand up meeting


First thing in the morning: the team gets together for the weekly meeting. Today, both co-founders Sven and Matthias discuss progress and upcoming tasks with their developer Florian and Christian who is one of six part-timers, his responsibilities lie within sales and marketing.

10:30 am | Conference call


OMQ is part of the international research consortium “excitement” that focuses on text analysis for customer services. The project is funded by the EU. Today, Matthias has a conference call to prepare next week’s gathering of all participants in Tel Aviv.

12 pm | Web development


Sven and Florian discuss the next steps for a new plug-in to be integrated in OMQ’s software-as a service.

1:30 pm | Lunch


We have lunch at the university canteen next to the office, really good!

2:30 pm | Preparing a presentation


Sven gets ready for a product presentation at The German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (BEVH) this afternoon.

5 pm | Product presentation


Sven explains OMQ’s innovative software to BEVH’s selected members that seem to be very interested in the product – two hours full of valuable information and discussions pass in a heartbeat.