Moritz Zyrewitz studied political science, civil law and Islamic studies (MA) in Tübingen, Paris and Cairo – and has published scientific articles about social entrepreneurship in the Arab World. helps people in need of technical advice or assistance when facing a non-functioning electronic device. Its services range from do-it-yourself repair online guides to professional repair services. Additionally, offers a disposal and exchange service for old devices.

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?
Moritz: An encouraging part of being an entrepreneur is seeing that your actions have consequences. If you are not part of any big company or organization where you are a wheel in a complex structure of multiple layers of authority, you immediately are rewarded or punished for your behavior. Sounds harsh but keeps you curious and eager.

How do you generate new ideas?
M: New ideas come up the moment you do not have a pen nor your cellphone to write them down. I try to have work free weekends (unfortunately I tend not to listen to my own suggestions 🙂 ) and we have work-free Wednesday mornings where we encourage our employees to run common errands like going to the post office or doing their laundry. All this creates an atmosphere of not having to work constantly and that creates room for ideas.

How do you define success?
M: I could go on talking about that one person’s life I would like to make better one day but in reality we are all stuck in our materialist upbringing. So income or money obviously is not only something that pays your bills but is connected to personal success. On a more personal level I believe that I rely very much on friends’ feedback and encouragement without which I would not feel successful.

What have been some of your failures and what have you learned from them?
M: We should have spent more money on our company earlier but were too risk averse. However that should not encourage people to go out and lavishly spend money. I grew up with money not being the most important issue so I believe we lack a certain eagerness to monetize. But being a responsible employer also means that revenues have to be made to pay your employees’ wages in order to create lasting job opportunities.

What superpower do you dream of having?
M: Well, a more practical gift would definitely be flying but reading people’s emotions would also be a power I would like to have.

9:00 am | SEO meeting


The team meets with an expert to discuss their SEO strategy that aims to optimize’s website and improve its visibility within search engines.

11 am | Founders meeting


Moritz and his co-founder Tobias Kronawitter plan the “Novemberfix”: an open community event to fix broken electronic devices. Every participant is invited to bring their broken mobile phone, lamp, radio etc. and to repair it with the help of professional service providers.

12 pm | Full concentration


The office is located in Humboldt University’s founders hub. It is quite small but represents very well the team spirit: everybody works closely with each other and the atmosphere is great!

3:30 pm | Hands-on marketing


Linus and Lukas,’s marketing team, prepare promo material for the next day. will participate in Heldenmarkt, an important fair with a focus on sustainable and ecological businesses in Berlin.

Next day | 4:30 pm | Fair fun


Visiting Moritz at the fair:’s booth is very crowded, visitors are very eager on trying the prototype, congrats!

5 pm | Wow, what are you doing here?


One of the mentors joins us at the booth: Christoph aka The Pitch Doctor!