Inspiring and exciting kick-off event in Egypt

60 start-ups, 7 countries, 20 mentors and the enpact team started the first entrepreneurs camp for this year’s enpact mentoring programme.

The camp focused on the opportunity to share ideas, expertise and experiences and get helpful insights into the development of business-cases by bringing together creative minds and start-ups from different continents. The past three days in El Gouna have thus been a unique and exciting experience for all those involved and have undoubtedly ushered in new ideas on how to enhance the business development of all participating start-ups.

Each day in El Gouna had a specific motto. The first day focused on getting to know each other within different working groups.  Next, the second day resulted in the creation of the mentoring teams – each consisting of two entrepreneurs from the MENA region and one from Europe. On the third day the next eight months of the programme were defined. The working groups were structured and planned more concretely by discussing individual milestones and goals for the programme.

On Friday we arrived in Cairo and had the chance to discover the Egyptian ecosystem by way of a start-up safari. In the evening, the last of many highlights that week was celebrated with the enpact lounge at the Greater Cairo Public Library – a great chance to meet and mingle with the Egyptian entrepreneurial community!