enpact is very happy and proud to announce that we have signed a cooperation agreement with our partner the Westerwelle Foundation in order to create an entrepreneurs hub in downtown Tunis. It will contain different floors and areas designed for co-working, events, meeting spaces, open offices, a library, a fab lab and many more features. A variety of partners from the Tunisian start-up scene will join us in our effort to create a thriving melting pot for Tunisian start-ups and to provide the ecosystem with a new playground for entrepreneurial activities.

It is expected that this hub will become an important missing link in the local ecosystem where efforts by national and international actors and stakeholders regarding entrepreneurship are coordinated and streamlined. Whether you need help in registering your business, strategies and training on accessing financial means, legal advice, mentoring on a national and international level, or just want to meet with fellow entrepreneurs in order to exchange ideas, dreams and concepts – the hub will be the place to be! 

With so many unfortunate headlines coming from the Middle East and North Africa, it is about time to showcase one of the many positive stories that also exist, but usually do not get any attention. There are so many innovative ideas that are being put into successful businesses by promising young entrepreneurs – so help us spread the word about theses success stories. And this is especially true in Tunisia, where after the latest attacks in Sousse the only possible answer to such brutal and inhuman behaviour can be: Now more than ever!

Stay tuned for more news to come about the launch event of the hub in autumn 2015 and join us on this entrepreneurial journey in the heart of Tunis.