“Mentorship revolves around relationship building and trust. A year after the programme, I experienced a family-like thoughtfulness during recent visits to Germany and Tunisia.”

I have always been a firm believer in the power of knowledge and an advocate for disseminating it amongst others. Perhaps that is why I have always been drawn to mentorship programs, both as a mentee and a mentor. When I was accepted into the enpact Mentoring Programme, I thought it would be like all other mentoring programmes; one where you go to meet new people, network, exchange ideas, and then move on. But I did not expect that a year after “graduating” from the programme, my relationship with my fellow mentees and mentors would be growing still!

The caliber of the enpact mentors was exceptional, not just in terms of their knowledge base and experience, but also in the ways in which they modeled empathy and humility as leaders. Mentorship revolves around relationship building and trust. My mentors humbly exemplified these traits. A year after exiting the programme, I continue to be shown support and kindness. During recent visits to Germany and Tunisia, I experienced a family-like thoughtfulness through my other mentees hosting my stays and helping me make local introductions that would otherwise have been impossible.

Mentorship is incredibly critical to the entrepreneurship field. By definition, entrepreneurs solve problems that haven’t been solved before; therefore, there is no formal “course work” to reference. Entrepreneurs brainstorm and look for parallels amongst fellow entrepreneurs, while employing hard work. In an ideal situation, one would have a “local” mentor; however, in the case of Egypt, one may need to seek mentorship from outside sources, as Egypt is an emerging eco-system. Mentors with experiences from other established eco-systems are critically important to start-ups in Egypt.

Finally, I believe that mentorship should emphasis a human element through building trust amongst mentors and mentees. Through a trusting relationship, both parties will benefit through idea-sharing. That is why I am very grateful to be an enpact fellow. What I have learned from my experience has led me to further my interest in mentorship and seek new mentees of my own. I hope that I will be able to pay it forward in the future.

Mohamed Hamada from Egypt is the founder of ennota.com. He participated in enpact’s international mentoring programme in 2014. Check out some insight into his mentoring experience below – even one year after with his mentor Christoph Sollich during his visit in Berlin.