You can’t imagine the huge impact that enpact has had on the personal and professional lives of us fellows.

For me, I started the enpact program at a very early stage in my startup trajectory: I had my idea and clearly enough passion and motivation to start it, but I was still working a full time job and knew I needed further support in the direction that my startup, Kids Mondoo, would take. I launched a platform to promote Arabic products and services for kids after the first international camp at a beautiful location in Egypt; then shortly after that, I got my first client and first big partner. That was a big celebration for me, but by far the biggest step I have taken was after the final international camp in Tunis, having just resigned from my job to work full time on my startup and support my growing team of seven!

I loved the enpact experience; I have learnt that being part of the enpact program is not just about the nine month fellowship, monthly mentoring calls, and the three international trips we all make together in the year. It is also about being an alumni and ambassador for the amazing quality of mentoring and support that is offered to startups who are accepted onto the program. That’s why I will let everybody know about it – some of the best recommendations come by word of mouth! I endorse enpact, support its operations in Jordan, and will do my best to help keep this opportunity open for other Jordanians in years to come.

by Rawan Abukhadrah


enpact entrepreneurs camp Germany 2015