If you bring together passionate people with fantastic ideas and the mindset to share knowledge, experiences and resources we will be able to create together the world we dream of

After spending three weeks in Egypt, Germany and Tunisia with dozens of entrepreneurs from seven different countries, Katzi and me found out again something very clear: yes, the world can collaborate together in the future.

Especially our very last dream development session on the space terrace of Sidi Bou Said was just mind-blowing. We will never forget that marvelous panoramic view of Tunis while people were sharing their dreams with each other and starting their developing process immediately. It was so motivating to find out that so many of those wonderful people shared our vision to develop dreams together.

We see a huge potential for the on-going process to bring the whole enpact program to a new level in 2016.

by Harald Katzenschläger and Hermann Gams | http://dreamacademia.com/