After being awarded by the Morocco Social Enterprise Competition, and raising 10.000 USD, I realized that I succeeded to overcome one of the biggest challenges of an entrepreneur: raising capital.

Then I started to develop my project with my company SkillsMotion: An online platform that aims at supporting young graduate employability. It helps young jobseekers giving the best impression to employers by offering them soft skills development services and an online platform to connect with employers through innovative video resumes and catchy web CVs.

At this moment, I felt the need of exchanging with like-minded people and being oriented by entrepreneurs and experts who went through a similar experience as mine. And that is when I heard about the enpact program and actually the timing of the call for participation was perfect. After three camps in different countries, the relation with my mentor Waldemar Zeiler was incredibly beneficial for my startup and myself. Waldemar is an inspiring German serial entrepreneur, who always pushed me to move from the “conception, reflection and development” mode to the “acting” mode.

One day he told me “if you will wait until not being ashamed of your project, it will be too late. Just do it!”, that was the most powerful advice that my mentor gave me, and it changed completely my life as an entrepreneur.

In the end, the program was a unique opportunity for me to learn from successes and failures of the other startups and mentors – and from now on I will never feel alone when facing challenges and obstacles running my business.

By Camelia Drissi