I’ve been a student once, a frustrated one. Having brilliantly achieved each single project the teacher gave us to validate a module and have the best marks, and in the end, having the same boring curricular the other classmates and students on the same field had. In the moroccan context, it is hard to land a first job as a fresh graduate, you have to either have solid contacts, or to have an outstanding CV with numerous work experience, a luxury a student can’t have just after graduation.

It was when my little sister’s turn came to look for a job that it hit me! I can do something for the million of students in this same situation: by replacing their curricular projects by real ones, we can tip the scales in favour of youth employment. This was the birth of StudAnthill, a web platform allowing students to gain real-word work experience to ensure better job placement post-graduation from one hand, and solving a huge problem for companies on the other hand: quality recruitment of fresh talent.

By Zineb Marnissi