Being actively involved in community work locally and internationally, I was thinking of how could I engage in social change making use of my network and my experience in youth empowerment and technology.

Inspired by a personal experience, I launched last year Leeha: an initiative designed by women, aiming to empower women. It’s a platform that allows customers to order various services including cleaning, housekeeping, laundry, and ironing. Services that are provided by underprivileged women in Morocco.

As a fresh new entrepreneur facing various challenges, I was looking for a mentoring program where I can meet likeminded people, change makers, share ideas but also concerns and get insights to develop my business. The answer was enpact! An effective program giving the opportunity to young entrepreneurs and mentors from Europe and MENA region to meet, share and collaborate.

Enpact was perfectly matching my needs in business development. The mentoring format and exchange opportunities were of great asset. It’s the place to be for bringing ideas to reality!

During the three camps, I had the opportunity to be supported by an amazing coach, Sabine Puempel and afterwards an inspiring mentor, Darius Moeini, who empowered me to get answers to the questions and challenges I had in mind by sharing his experience. The biggest learning was simplicity in business strategy, in product development and the overall startup process!

Enpact helped me adjusting my business strategy, welcoming a cofounder on board, exchanging best practices as well as creating collaboration opportunities. Enpact is a platform where you get positive vibes to be more successful!

by Maha Ech-Chefaa