I am 21 years old. I have been told several times: “You are too young to start a business!” Yet, I started to be interested in entrepreneurship at a very early age. The click start was my engagement at Enactus ISI-Tunisia. As a young student, I always admired working with passionate entrepreneurs seeing how their startups have an impact on other people and how it changes so many lives on so many levels. Then when I started working on my project, some people thought that I was too young to start the business and tried to discourage me, however, there were others that believed in me and supported me in all ways.

I think that from all the support I got since I started, it was mostly enpact that got me to keep going further! When I first joined the program, I was struggling with my own thoughts and ideas, having so many things to do and not knowing how and when to start and how to get organized! Now thanks to the help and support I received from my mentors things have changed for me. I managed to organize my work and priorities better. Actually, meeting with all the mentors and fellows during the camps inspired me to do better and to work harder. Now, I have recruited more employees, finished the prototype and started getting everything in order. I found motivation in the unique network of all enpactors around me.

This journey was life changing for me, it has given me the strength to never give up on my dreams and believe that young people have their role to play in the entrepreneurial scene.

by Hana Mouakher