If somebody is asking me about the most important driver for my development in life, I would clearly answer “dreams”!

Dreams to me are a way to channelize love and passion, believe and hope, all the things I want to achieve, have impact on and which make life so beautiful. I have a whole list of dreams. My family is a dream to me.

Another big dream to me is motivating others to dream, providing some supportive tools to them, sharing some ideas, listening to and encouraging them to live their dreams.

Entrepreneurs work on making their dreams come true. On my path from a corporate chemical engineer to a startup guy I turned more and more into a dreamer, day by day. My passion for people, cultures and travel combined with my experiences in management positions pushed my dreaming and turned me into one of these entrepreneurs. Ultimately I learned that everything is possible and happiness is my key. I just need to dare to live my dreams.

Of course many things went wrong, if it was as a founder or as an investor, private or business. But I had fun and learned! I love every second of it and it formed me as well as my strong network. I love to share my experiences. I started to do it as a mentor in Startupbootcamp and also in enpact. Infected by the amazing enpact energy I consequently joined the enpact team last summer to put all my passion and drive into developing it to global relevance. And guess what the final trigger on my way into enpact was. Of course another dreamer sharing his dreams with me. I will be always thankful to him.

The tools I believe in? Common sense, gut feeling, love and passion combined with the talent to reach and inspire others is the basis for success. That might lead to happiness.

I am living my dream and I am more than happy if you live yours!

by Daniel Rieth