What is even more painful for daily commuters than being stuck in traffic? Right, finding one of the few parking lots in the city that are still available. enpact fellow Karoline and her team at parkpocket offer the perfect solution for this everyday problem: finding and comparing parking space in car parks for every need – on the go.

Parkpocket was already a finalist at GFT’s CODE_n competition. Now, after months of hard work and a very successful soft launch at CeBit earlier this year, Karoline and her team scored a big investment by GFT. “It is amazing, GFT has become an important strategic partner for us”, Karoline also added some useful advices for young entrepreneurs. “You really need to dedicate all your energy to your startup to succeed, you can’t have another full-time job at the same time.” Of course, there will be challenges and busy times when not everything goes the way it is planned or supposed to do. “Stay calm and focused. And choose your partners wisely.” Getting an investor on board is an important milestone. Therefore, it is crucial to be clear about your own expectations: are you just interested in funding or are you looking for smart capital? Smart capital allows for added value through the investor, e.g. professional expertise and advice, access to infrastructure and networks. During her negotiations, Karoline received some very valuable advices from several enpact mentors. “It was really beneficial to get advice from really experienced experts and serial entrepreneurs before closing the investment round”, she confirms.

Karoline also felt that it was a great experience to meet other entrepreneurs from the MENA region during enpact’s mentoring programme, even more because she spent six months in Cairo during a semester abroad in 2008 and because she already travelled through several countries in the Middle East. “Going back to Cairo and meeting all these amazing young entrepreneurs that also work on smart transportation and mobility solutions was really inspiring.” During the nine-month programme, she has gained important insight into other markets. “It’s really worth it, I’d do it again in a heartbeat”.

Congratulations to parkpocket for this great success, we wish Karoline and her amazing team all the best for the future, keep up the great work! The new parkpocket app for iOS and Android is available now, check it out.

by Julia Wähner