In my opinion, being an entrepreneur is a daring adventure which means having freedom, heart and dedication. That’s why I thought that in Morocco and all the emerging countries, entrepreneurship shouldn’t be only about building a huge company with the goal of being an IPO or an acquisition. Instead, it should be an innovative way to challenge and solve different social problems to support a community in need.

In other words, I was convinced that an entrepreneur who thinks beyond the profit and who is motivated by the lessons we learn in the entrepreneurial process and the people we positively influence along the way, will likely reach his/her goal and lead a sustainable and profitable company in the long run.

« That was my point of view before the enpact programme »

During my experience as an enpact fellow, I had a special and a different experience with each one of the fellows, mentors and enpact team members that have influenced my way of thinking, but I will try to sum up this “impact” in 4 lessons learned from each group:

  1. Mentors: be social first with yourself, earn money to support yourself and your family with your business and then help and impact your community, (a special thought by Waldemar Zeiler)
  1. My mentor Benjamin Wüstenhagen convinced me that it was not necessarily even about being innovative at the beginning. He told me not to let the big goals shape my calendar and to go step by step – he trusts in me.
  1. enpact team: the best way to delegate is to create processes so that you have a reliable method where, no matter who’s doing a task, it’s going to be done the same way. (My experience at the startup safary)
  1. Other fellows: You are not alone, and you are not a dreamer, so yes, together we will make your dream come true.

In conclusion, I would say that at the start of the programme, when I first heard about enpact, I was fascinated by the idea of spending time with over 70 entrepreneurs from the DACH and MENA region. Now, several months and three entrepreneurs camps later I can say that despite of having fun, I really loved the concept of “engage – participate – act”. I can say that I was engaged, I’m participating and you will see the act soon.

by Nisrine Tahri