Life can get in the way of being an entrepreneur sometimes. Around the time of joining the enpact program as a fellow, I met my fiancé, renovated our first house, quit my successful full time job, traveled to three countries in six months, prototyped and launched a live product, and secured our first five big clients. Without the mentoring support I received through enpact, it would have been easy to become overwhelmed and lose focus.

Opportunity to reach new markets, meet experts and startups from different countries and sectors

In fact, I am not new to mentoring. I was one of the first beneficiaries in Jordan to receive mentoring support from another well known mentoring initiative called the Mowgli Foundation. But what was new about enpact for me was the opportunity to reach new markets, meet experts and startups from different countries and sectors, and spend time informally building relationships in three beautiful settings every year at the international camps.

I am proud to be an alumni of enpact in Jordan, and have already agreed to offer informal mentoring and guidance to local startups in future cohorts who work in the same sectors as my company­ Electronic Form Data Management Solutions (EFDMS), namely in health and payments. Such early stage startups might face the same scepticism and challenges I faced, trying to persuade clients to adopt innovative technologies, but I don’t think they need to make the same mistakes I did. If enpact hosts a camp in Jordan next year, it would be my pleasure to be part of the organising team… Actually, that goes without saying.

by Emad Ayyash