The social business sector in Morocco has been growing significantly in recent years, covering more and more industries and sectors. In the beginning, social enterprises had a strong focus on social empowerment. Later down the road, projects specialized in solutions to provide cheap drinking water in remote areas. Over time, a number of companies started to cover other relevant topics like education, employment, public governance and administration.

It is a challenge to establish a business in the market

There are several challenges that young entrepreneurs face in Morocco. First of all, there is a lack of public acceptance towards the fresh ideas that startups come up with. Potential customers need to be introduced to new concepts and market education still takes a lot of time and energy. Therefore, stabilizing and scaling up their business is not easy for startup founders. More recently, social entrepreneurs receive strong support from various initiatives and organizations. The goal is to help them to establish their enterprises and to make a sustainable impact.

Initiatives promote and support social entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur myself, I have faced three main challenges: market entry, project management as well as managing a team that works remotely. During the mentoring programme this year, I had the chance to work on several issues with my mentor and other young founders. My mentor Martin helped me a lot with product development and it was amazing to benefit from a extended network of mentors and experts that offered strong support in different fields of expertise.

Before joining the enpact journey, I was still developing my project, it was not really a viable business yet. I found it very valuable to share my experiences with other social entrepreneurs who helped me to overcome insecurities. Now I am much more certain that I am on the right track. Thanks to that, I became more focused and I am able to take difficult decisions confidentely.
To sum it up in just one sentence: I am much closer to making a real impact than ever!

by Ibrahim Bennouna