Busy days, tight schedules, working 24/7…this is the daily routine for many entrepreneurs. Setting up a business certainly requires your undivided attention and a lot of hard work right from the start. You need to fully commit yourself to your vision and at certain times, there won’t be much room for anything else in your life. Once in a while, it can be very helpful to break free from everyday life.

Meet new people, see different things and develop fresh ideas

Before founding COWstyle in 2011, Oliver Rauch and his team took some time off from their corporate jobs and travelled around the world. Friends since college, they decided to take a break from the busy daily life and go on an adventure together. Somewhere between Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia they came up with the idea to start their own business. “Sometimes you just need to get away from it all to meet new people, see different things and develop fresh ideas.”

Many times, people hesitate to go after their dreams due to a number of reasons. Fear or the need to meet external expectations how you should live your life can keep you from following your vision. Often, it takes a lot of courage to overcome your insecurities and really get started. Upon their return to Austria, Christian, Oliver and Wolfgang, the founders of COWstyle, took the first steps towards their goal. COWstyle, a stylish brand for individualized leather fashion accessoires was launched in December 2011. Since then, days have been filled with work and the company continues to grow successfully.

Benefit from different environments and gain new insights into your business

So what happened during his mentoring experience this year? It was like going back to that little island in Thailand but this time from a very different starting point than four years earlier. This time, it was all about business. Oliver had the chance to fully concentrate on the foundations of his business model. “In the beginning, it was quite a challenge to refocus on the key elements, we really didn’t have the chance to look into that during the normal routine.” He took the opportunity to spend almost two weeks with other entrepreneurs and experts who helped him to further COWstyle’s sales strategy and work on product development.

Oliver took the opportunity to benefit from different working environments and gained new insights on his business. Meanwhile, COWstyle has increased its product portfolio and registres high growth on all sales channels. Sometimes, it’s really worth to take some time and see things from a different angle. It’s all about bringing home fresh ideas and an added value for your company.