In 2013, after graduating from one of the best business schools in Morocco and a prestigious University in France, I was a recruited to work in a financial firm that had an amazing reputation. And despite all that, it looks scary when I think of myself from 3 years back.

My everyday life was like a replay of a story lived by millions and millions of people. Accepting a job that was worthless for me. Waking up every morning to get ready to go to the office and waste time in useless meetings and tasks that nobody cared about, except my manager and me. And similar to my friend and enpact fellow, Khalid Bouchoucha, the day my boss announced that I had lost my job was the best day of my life, I think, because a dream must be broken to wake you up from your sleep and sometimes the reality also must be broken to make you dream.

So now I’m happy to share that thanks to my enpact experience, my cofounder and I are navigating the problems of being a startup by reorienting and restructuring our business model so that we can start a new exciting adventure.

To finish, I’m very happy about all the moments I shared with 80 entrepreneurs from 7 different countries and I deeply believe that the enpact team is doing an amazing job. They should keep up the good work, because this programme provides entrepreneurs with the energy needed to find answers to their everyday life challenges – just like mine.

by Samir El Filali