Lately many people ask me about the startup life, or the entrepreneurial life. Some think that it is easier than the corporate life, or even more exciting: they think it’s all about bean bags, casual clothes, flexible hours, attending cool events, watching the Mark Zuckerberg movie and owning a Macbook. I never really considered myself part of the so called “start up” scene, I don’t really follow much of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial dreams. But I know it’s not true, and if someone would shift careers and start their own company for this, they will never last one second in this world.

Once you start your own business, your mind will not rest for one second.

You will have flexible hours but you will go to work at 7 in the morning; you will have bean bags but you won’t even notice what you’re sitting on; you will wear casual clothes but you can wear these clothes for two days because you don’t want to leave the office. At least during the first year, or until you’re better at managing your time, it’s a learning process.

You will think about money –  how to secure funds, how to think strategically, trying to know where the ball’s gonna bounce next, you will think about recruiting the right people, choosing the right partners, thinking about growth, thinking about taking the right decision in the right time, trying too maintain the culture of the workplace, the spirit of the team, always trying to innovate, always striving for more knowledge, and more success.

Running your own startup is not a sprint that you will finish in few seconds or minutes, it’s a marathon that will take time and patience to finish.

It is and was never about waking up late and going to work after 11, it’s about this dream you have, the gap you want to fill or the fact that you really really want to change the world to a better place.

This dream deserves all the hours, days, efforts and the sleepless nights.

by Abdelrahman Khedr, co-founder of Axeer Studio