In 2013, after graduating from one of the best business schools in Morocco and a prestigious University in France, I was a recruited to work in a financial firm that had an amazing reputation. And despite all that, it looks… Read More
I got to know Ibrahim in the first enpact camp in Egypt in March 2015. The first camp is very important for every participant, whether mentor or mentee. Everything is new, everybody needs to soak up the spirit of enpact, to… Read More
The social business sector in Morocco has been growing significantly in recent years, covering more and more industries and sectors. In the beginning, social enterprises had a strong focus on social empowerment. Later down the road, projects specialized in solutions… Read More
Being actively involved in community work locally and internationally, I was thinking of how could I engage in social change making use of my network and my experience in youth empowerment and technology. Inspired by a personal experience, I launched… Read More