Visiting our startups

Abir graduated in cosmetology, then worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 11 years. In 2014, she decided to launch her own business and started to develop cosmetic products based on ecological ingredients. Laboratoires Vienat aim to develop cosmetic products for… Read More
Moritz Zyrewitz studied political science, civil law and Islamic studies (MA) in Tübingen, Paris and Cairo – and has published scientific articles about social entrepreneurship in the Arab World. helps people in need of technical advice or assistance when… Read More
Sven Engelmann graduated in business administration in 2009. He started OMQ during his studies with Matthias Meisdrock and supported by the “Exist” scholarship. He has been a supervisory board member of APE Software AG since 2013. OMQ develops intelligent software… Read More
Kevin Kuhn is the co-founder of Ecotoiletten. He is currently pursuing an MSc in environmental and resource management in Denmark. After spending two months in India, the Ecotoiletten team decided to support sustainable sanitation projects in Pune, India by founding… Read More
Ryadh Bouslama is a graduate in electrical engineering and industrial computing from ULT Tunisia. Before founding Pinhole together with his co-founder Nizar Menzli (pictured above) in 2012, he worked as an R&D engineer in laboratory research and development of MIELE… Read More
Jan Homann studied corporate management and economics at Zeppelin University before co-founding his companies stilanzeigen (2012) and blogfoster (2013). He is responsible for business development and finance while his co-founder Simon Staib is in charge of product and publishers. Blogfoster… Read More
Moez Lachneb holds an MSc in biomedical engineering as well as an MSc in innovation management and company optimisation. He is a researcher and project manager in embedded health solutions. The goal of Next Gen Corp is to create innovative… Read More
Martin Becker holds an MSc in physics from Nottingham University. He worked as a consultant in Germany and the US for McKinsey, GIZ, and World Bank, among others. He also has a strong interest in energy issues. Viasto developed an… Read More