Hatem Abuelezz

The Peak Business Club
business development, construction, design thinking, digital marketing, education, food & beverage, intercultural management, IT, project management

Hatem Abuelezz is passionate about learning new things, from professional development to personal communication. Transferring his knowledge to others is his passion; he believes that knowledge is priceless; it’s a basic right for everyone. Hatem enjoys coaching and mentoring other young people to reach their highest degrees of success.

Hatem has established many companies since 2009 until the present day. He founded a consultancy firm, The Peak BC, which provides services for SMEs and startups. Working in many international projects for more than 8 years has given him conviction about the importance of integration between cultures worldwide. This has had a great impact on his business; it has become his main concern in all of his pursuits.

His experience in project management helps him to guide people in many business categories in turning their ideas into real action using monitoring and controlling tools which support them to figure out their process, progress and failures.