Daniel Westerlund

Mentor Year
branding, design, frontend development, positioning, problem solving, user experience | UX, user interface | UI

Daniel Westerlund wrote his first line of HTML code in 1995 and has been running the Berlin-based creative agency Digitalime for more than nine years. He likes to create websites and web apps that are both minimal and functional, and with a deep focus on the user experience. Before moving to Berlin, he practised his craft in London, Rome and Palma de Mallorca.

Daniel is focusing on front-end and UX design equally made up of innovation, experience and professionalism. He strives for digital craftsmanship, which means paying attention to and taking pride in the little details that truly make the difference to a project. Even in a copy-paste age, he aims to build products that are tailor-made to the clients’ needs. Daniel recently joined the international digital agency Tapptic as their managing director.