Enrico Bernardo

Mentor Year
business development, business modeling, business planning, contract negotiations, due diligence processes, human resources | HR, pay per click marketing, performance marketing, social media marketing, user experience | UX, user interface | UI

Enrico Bernardo is a strong entrepreneurial mind with a focus on customer centric developed web and mobile products. Being really data and customer feedback driven he is convinced that it is the only way to build successful products, is building products that really matter to people. Enrico enjoys to challenge the status quo of businesses and constantly develop new strategies of growth marketing, going beyond the standard marketing- and performance marketing mix. Having build multiple businesses from scratch, going through the rollercoaster of being an entrepreneur, he sharpened skills in various fields such as due diligence processes, contract negotiations, hiring teams, product definition & design, UI & UX, business development. Really where online marketing and product development meet is where his heart beats thus. Enrico runs WEVENTURE – Partner for digital growth helping businesses to succeed in online marketing. Enrico is invested into multiple startups within the ecosystem in E-Health and Lead-Generation. Furthermore, he enjoys being a guest lecturer at European University Viadrina for Online Marketing & Startup related topics, such as being Mentor of the Startupbootcamp network. Enrico a strong network in the startup, venture capital, online marketing scene in Berlin such as in the Swiss market in general.