Franklin Karikari

National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan
Mentor Year
advisory services, agric value chain analyst, business development training, SME finance expert

Franklin Owusu-Karikari is a TEEP1000 PAN African Entrepreneur, a Business Coach, Author, Speaker, certified trainer in Entrepreneurship Development and a Certified SME Finance Expert. Franklin is currently the Director of Business Support for the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan under the Office of the President in Ghana, the Executive Director of Eunifrank Consult (An Accounting and Management Consulting Firm), A co-founder of couple of companies in Ghana. Franklin is a former Managing Director of a 21 branch Financial Institution and A former General Manager of a private Television company in Ghana. Franklin is an IBA Accelerator and a mentor. He currently trains thousands of young professionals in Ghana and across Africa to Build sustainable businesses to compete on the global stage.