Gabriela Schweinberger

Coach, Trainer, Consultant
Mentor Year
business women advisory, cross-cultural communication, inter-personal communication, leadership coaching, service excellence, team dynamics, tourism

Gabriela worked many years as a divisional director in a tourism company, where she was responsible for strategy, projects and quality management in customer service, as well as for staff and executive development. Thus she has a wide experience in leadership and team dynamics. Her advice to leaders: treat people with respect, involve them and put full confidence in them instead of taking your own role too seriously. A collaborative agile approach has been natural to her management style long before it became trendy. She quit corporate life six years ago to found her own company. Today she works as a coach, trainer and consultant for companies and business professionals world-wide. Her core topics are leadership, team development, service-excellence, cross-cultural and inter-personal communication. As a successful business woman she loves to empower women to build up their own business. Gabriela wants to have fun at work, that’s why she makes sure there’s always a great deal of fun included!