Joachim Wimmers

Mentor Year
automotive industry, business development, business plan, controilling, corporate, financials, finTech, investment, merger & acquisition | M&A, organisation, startup, structure

Joachim Wimmers is originally from Cologne, where he studied business administration. After five years of acting as a consultant, he joined ThyssenKrupp North America, where he handled acquisitions, integration and business development. He also spent five years at Siegwerk Druckfarben AG where, in his capacity as a controller and M&A expert, he helped restructure the company and grow the business. At Heinrich Kopp, he worked as CFO and CEO, and turned the business from one that sits below the red line into a profitable company. For several years he served as CFO of First Sensor AG. In this role, he refinanced the business and brought in additional capital. Inspired by an intensive enpact immersion, he invested in his first startups as a business angel and finally joined the FinTech startup YUKKA LAB himself as COO.