Luis José Borges Salazar

Mentor Year
innovation, intrapreneurship, lean management

Luis is passionate about helping people and see them succeed in their entrepreneurial journey as fast as possible. Currently as Innovation Manager at Europe’s leading online fashion platform, he believes in the power of intrapreneurs and their added-value to a culture of Innovation. During his work, he has coached and helped intrapreneurs pitch new business opportunities and then guide them from idea to product through Lean Methodologies. As a result from intrapreneurship, most of his teams’ innovative products have been launched creating customer value and business impact.

He has acknowledged the huge value of knowledge sharing and just recently has started his journey on helping startups with In the middle of May 2018 he will attend “Innov8rs conference” in Madrid where he would share the journey of Intrapreneurship at Zalando with his talk “Shaping the future of Intrapreneurship at Zalando”, a story about failures, success, learning and the outlook of a space that started as an Innovation Lab. Originally from Venezuela, Luis has been in Berlin since the past three years, has a Engineering background and has mastered in the field of Business and Entrepreneurship.