Steve Odhiambo

Mentor Year
business model development, design thinking, fundraising, growth strategy, lean startup, speaker and business consultant, value proposition development

Steve Odhiambo is an award-winning entrepreneur & innovator. Steve is the Founder & CEO of ukowapi UG and also serves as the COO of QoL-MA UG i. Gr. He successfully raised over € 200,000 in funding for both businesses. Steve has vast experience in building a sustainable business from idea to execution. He is also a speaker at several events and conferences around the world. A recipient of the Galileo Masters Award by the European Space Agency, Steve has built an extensive network across the European Union and in Africa. Being very passionate about entrepreneurship on the African continent and how it can be used to change lives, Steve is determined to share his experience and knowledge to create the next generation of African Investors. Steve is convinced that Africans have the potential to create employment for other Africans either by starting or investing in African businesses. However, not everyone can become an entrepreneur. Therefore, he thinks we need to build an ecosystem that will support those who start their own businesses, while at the same time provide returns to those who invest in them.