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Herbiotech Aroma
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Herbiotech Aroma is a Tunisian company specialising in the transformation of plants for the preparation and development of 100% natural ingredients of raw material. Their products are adapted to food, cosmetics, perfumery, aromatherapy, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Herbiotech Aroma produces high quality essential oils, hydrolytes, vegetable oils and dehydrated aromatic and medicinal herbs in bulk from wild or cultivated plants. Exclusively of Tunisian origin, most of the products are certified organic and have met prestigious American and European standards like the CE marking, the National Organic Program (NOP) and the Certification body for sustainable development (ECOCERT).

Herbiotech Aroma offers the best quality of adapted natural extracts to substitute artificial ingredients in recipes and industrial formulations. Their team consists of process and quality engineers, laboratory technicians and skilled operators specialised in various extraction and separation techniques. Collaboration with hundreds of farmers and seasonal workers is spread throughout the whole country and contributes to the indirect creation of many jobs.

Their plant is located in Bourada, in northwest Tunisia, about 75 km from the capital Tunis. It is attractively surrounded by wild forests and known for its olive trees and vast agricultural areas.

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